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Tuna Salad

Average 218 INR
Average 203 INR

Paneer Butter Masala

Indische Spezialitäten
Indische Spezialitäten
Average 362.8 INR
Average 82.4 INR
Average 238.6 INR

Caesar Salad

Basic Salad
Basic Salad
Average 165.4 INR

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Noodle dishes
Noodle dishes
Average 6.3 EUR


Average 165 INR

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  • Pizza
    • Pizza is a delicious flat baked dough which is usually covered with tomato sauce and cheese as well as other toppings.

  • Fast Food
    • Many restaurants serving fast food offer quick meals like burgers, fries, chicken wings or kebab.

  • Vegetarian & Vegan
    • Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are on the rise everywhere and offer food which relinquishes meat and even all animal products

  • Seafood
    • Seafood restaurants usually offer a wide variety of different types of products that are taken from the seas such as fish, crabs, shrimps and so on

  • Asian
    • Because of the rich Asian culture, its cuisine offers a huge selection of very different dishes that appeal to almost every one, like chop suey or spring rolls.

  • Indian
    • Indian cuisine is most famous for applying many tasty spices that make its dishes immediately recognizable and very popular around the world.

  • Cafe, Bars & Pubs
    • A nice cup of coffee to go along with a croissant is generally enjoyed all over the world. Of course there is much more, and pubs are also famous for their beers!

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    • You can learn a lot about a countries eating culture just by their individual bakery food selection. You can buy bread, pastry and cake.

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