Everything is better with chocolate (pudding)

True to the motto "Everything is good if it's made of chocolate", today's extraordinary holiday revolves around the chocolate pudding. Whether in Madrid to the churros, in the afternoon with grandma or in the morning with the pudding oats. With chocolate pudding so many things are possible.

Chocolate pudding, what is it?

With chocolate pudding, a basic distinction can be made between the creamy or firm variant and the baked variant. Mostly when the term "pudding" is used, however, one means the unbaked version.

The cooked and therefore softer pudding is eaten mainly in the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Asian countries. Milk is usually boiled up and gelatin and cocoa or other chocolaty substances are added. 

The pudding can then be served soft and creamy (even still warm). However, it can also be kept cold for a while and then turned over so that it becomes firmer but not baked.

The baked pudding (often known as "Christmas Pudding" from Great Britain) is in contrast to this mainly eaten in what has just been called Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, but also in Germany. Here the pudding is prepared like a kind of cake and then baked in the oven.

How can you spice it up?

For those of you who find a simple chocolate pudding too boring, here are some ideas what else you can do with the pudding itself:

  • Pudding oats:

This is a super-fast and super simple breakfast. Variant one is to get pudding powder of the "chocolate" variety and pour hot water over it together with the oat flakes and then let it swell a little. Variant two is to cook the pudding together with the oat flakes yourself. The chocolate is cut into small pieces and boiled up together with the milk and the oat flakes. 

Then salt, sugar and vanilla sugar are added and the whole thing is stirred well. Now put it in a cold place and then enjoy.

Of course, not the whole cake is made of pudding, but the filling can be made of pudding. Mixed with some raspberries or strawberries, it is then a play of contrasts in color as also a taste experience on the tongue.

Who does not know these small superfood seeds. But besides adding them to muesli or smoothie, they make a super-fast and light chocolate pudding when mixed with water or milk and cocoa powder (with a little sugar added, depending on taste).

  • (Christmas) pudding:

    Hardly coveted in this country: Christmas pudding, which you can nibble on not only at Christmas. The pudding not only tastes really good, it tastes different. If you stick with the chocolate variant, you will not only get the chocolaty taste, but also the different flavors of carrots, raisins, apricots and apples. To be honest, this is not for everyone, but everyone should try it.


Did you know?

Compared to many other desserts, the chocolate pudding (homemade) is not a calorie bomb. 100 grams of the pudding have only about 142 kcal and are therefore well behind jelly babies or cakes. If you now vary the type of chocolate and the amount of sugar, you can also save a few calories.

Besides the pleasure as dessert itself, chocolate pudding (or actually rather a pudding-like hot chocolate) is served in Spain when eating churros. If you dip them into the chocolate, you can almost melt away and eat more than just cardboard.